Mick Foley To Compete In A Fruitcake Eating Contest In Santa Claus, Indiana

Mick Foley

Mick Foley will be in Santa Claus, Indiana on December 7th to compete in a international fruitcake eating contest. The contest is part of the town’s annual Christmas Celebration. Foley’s opponents in the contest include the events defending champion “Jammin” Joe LaRue, who is an executive chef from New York as well as Jamie “The Bear” McDonald, a Connecticut resident, who is among the top-ranked overall eaters. They will have to devour a pound of the confection as quickly as possible to claim victory. The contest which is free to the public to watch will be held at Santa Claus’ American Legion Post No. 242. It is scheduled to start at 11am CST. Foley will also be signing copies of his book “A Most MIZerable Christmas” after the contest from 1 to 3pm.

TNA Impact Recap


Special Thanksgiving episode of Impact.

The show began with a look at a casket inside a funeral home where Mr. Anderson will have a funeral for Aces & Eights.

TNA President Dixie Carter came to the ring. A table was in the ring with a platter on it. Dixie said she has been busy so she hired herself a chief of staff. She introduced her new chief of staff Rockstar Spud to the ring. He thanked her for the opportunity & said Dixie is the greatest boss in the entire world. He warned the entire Impact roster that he will be watching & that he is Dixie’s eyes & ears. He said Dixie is his Queen. Dixie said earlier to today she spun the Wheel of Dixie for the TNA World Title Tournament Semi-Final matches next Thursday. Magnus VS Kurt Angle in a Last Man Standing Match & Bobby Roode VS Jeff Hardy in a Tables Match. Dixie said tonight there will be something called Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner. Spud took off the lid of the platter to reveal a cooked turkey. Dixie said all the winners tonight will be treated to a feast fit for a King. Dixie said the losers will get nothing because they’re losers. Dixie mentioned that AJ Styles has been unthankful to her. Dixie introduced her nephew Ethan Carter III to the ring. EC3 said Aunt D has provided him the opportunity tonight to fly his own opponent in. He said this man used to run rough shot over the TNA roster & is his biggest challenge to date. EC3 bragged about himself on how he is undefeated & that some say he is unbeatable. EC3 said “why is that Aunt D” & they said “because we’re Carters & the world needs us.”

Ethan Carter III VS Curry Man: EC3 got the win. After the match, EC3 said “I am EC3 & I’m a Carter, the world needs us.”

Kurt Angle backstage with Gunner, Angle thanked Gunner for him & James Storm teaming up with him tonight. Angle said he is focused on Bobby Roode & told Gunner to take out anybody who gets in his way. Storm came in, Angle asked Storm if he is OK. Storm said he is good. Storm said whatever problems that him & Gunner have can be settled later because they have to stand side by side out there or they wont stand a chance. Gunner told Strom he did what he did last week because he thought it was doing what was right. Storm said yall & walked off.

Bro Mans backstage with Zema Ion. They mentioned that Zema is their own personal DJ. Erick Young & ODB came in with a Turkey Suit. EY talked about the Turkey Bowl being a tradition. Bro Mans said they aren’t wrestling EY. EY said he is done & that he was promoted to High Chancellor of the Turkey Bowl. EY & ODB had 2 turkey suits. Robbie E asked who are they wrestling. EY pointed to Dewey Barnes & Norv Fernum. Robbie E told Dewey & Norv that when they lose to them they will be doing the turkey dance.

Velvet Sky VS Lei’D Tapa: Gail Kim was at ringside. Gail tripped Velvet & the ref sent Gail to the back. Lei’D Tapa got the win.

Turkey Bowl Match: Bro Mans VS Dewey Barnes & Norv Fernum: Zema Ion had a DJ booth at ringside & introduced the Bro Mans. Bro Mans got the win. After the match, Bro Mans made Dewey & Norv put on the turkey suits & dance. Dewey & Norv embraced it & had some fun dancing around in the turkey suits. EY & ODB was also enjoying it & cheering them on. Bro Mans got mad & left.

A video from the Friends of AJ of AJ Styles in Mexico & Japan with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt. In the video AJ said he is the only one true Champion. After the video aired, Dixie Carter was upset. Dixie said AJ this world tour of defending her TNA World Title is over. she sais her team of lawyers will shut him down. Dixie said she wants her TNA World Title back & gave AJ one week to return it to her.

Bobby Roode backstage with his team of Daniels, Kazarian & Chris Sabin. Roode said tonight they will prove he is better than Kurt Angle.

Rockstar Spud in the back with a caterer, telling her what food they need for the Thanksgiving feast.

Kurt Angle in the locker room with Magnus, Angle thanked Magnus for teaming up with him tonight. They talked about their match next week. Magnus said that’s next week, tonight they will go out there & take care of business so Angle can get his hands on Bobby Roode.

Footage from earlier today of the funeral Mr. Anderson had for Aces & Eights. In attendance was Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus, Erick Young & Mike Tenay. Anderson popped out of the casket. Aderson spoke about how he was trapped in Aces & Eights. Anderson had Angle come up to say a few words. Angle mention he had friends in Aces & Eights, D-Low Brown & Wes Briscoe. Joe came up & talked about how in the beginning Aces Eights hid behind mask. Joe had some beer & passed it out to everyone except Angle. He made a toast. Tenay came up & talked about how Taz’s cut stinked & had Brooke’s booty shorts. He said he didn’t know how her booty shorts got underneath the announce table. Tenay placed Taz’s cut in the casket but put Brooke’s booty shorts inhis pocket. EY came up & placed the old turkey suit in the casket & cried. Anderson had Bully Ray’s hammer. Anderson said he would like to lay it to rest but he is going to keep it because it’s a good hammer. Bully walked in & said Anderson rapped him of everything & he will never forgive him. Bully told Anderson that he better sleep with one eye open for the best interest of his pregnant wife. Bully said they all look at death as the last sleep, but he looks at it as the final awakening. Bully walked out.

Video was showed of Kurt Angle wrestling a member of the music group One Direction.

Rockstar Spud in the kitchen with the caterer tasting some food. He said it was revolting. He said the turkey is fine but she has to fix this.

8 Man Tag Elimination Match: Team Angle(Kurt Angle, Magnus, James Storm & Gunner) VS Team Roode(Bobby Roode, Daniels, Kazarian & Chris Sabin): Sabin eliminated Strom by pinfall. Kazarian eliminated Gunner by pinfall. Magnus hurt his knee & wasn’t able to continue. Angle hit Roode with a steel chair & was disqualified. Team Roode got the win. After the match, Angle hit Sabin & Kazarian with the chair. Angle had Roode all alone in the ring & hit him again with the chair. Roode rolled out of the ring. Angle stood in the ring with the chair staring at Team Roode.

Team Roode in the back celebrating. Roode said he is thankful for beating Angle again. Roode said he proved again that Angle can’t beat him.

James Storm & Gunner in the back, Strom said he doesn’t know how that happened, it wasn’t part of the plan, how do you get pinned right in front of your partner with him looking. Storm said it wasn’t part of the plan just like the World Title tournament match last week wasn’t part of the plan either. Gunner asked Storm what the plan is. They was asked if they have a goal as a team. Gunner asked Storm, is it your plan or our goal. Gunner said why don’t you tell me cowboy & walked off. Storm said no one is going to dictate the future of James Storm & Gunner.

Dixie Carter in the back with Rockstar Spud. He showed her the feast he had prepared. Ethan Carter III came in & asked if he had to eat this. Dixie told him to be nice. EC3 said the British don’t know anything about good food. Dixie told EC3 he doesn’t have to worry because she has a gourmet meat sitting on a plane waiting for them to take off. She said she is stealing him away a bit early & heading to the ranch where the family is at for Thanksgiving. Dixie told Spud that he is in charge of the feast & she wants it to be festive & perfect & she wants a full report.

Rockstar Spud had the dinner table in the ring. He had all the winners come out. Gail Kim was with Lei’D Tapa, Velvet Sky was with Chris Sabin & Zema Ion was with Bro Mans. Bobby Roode asked Sabin why Velvet was out here because it’s for winners only. Sabin said Roode was right & said to Velvet, sorry toots he is right & that he would bring her a doggy bag. Velvet left. Roode thanked Dixie Carter for the food & their careers. They all took turns saying what they was thankful for, basically they was just bragging on how great they are. Roode said he is thankful for the real Thanksgiving which was last month in Canada, he is thankful for being the It Factor of professional wrestling & defeating Kurt Angle for the 3rd time. Roode said everyone here & around the world will be thankful when he becomes the next World Heavyweight Champion. Roode said lets eat. Angle came out & said they wont be enjoying the fruits of their labor. Roode told Angle to come in the ring take all of them on. Angle said he isn’t alone. James Storm, Gunner, Erick Young, ODB, Velvet Sky & Dewey Barnes & Norv Fernum wearing the turkey suits came out. They surrounded the ring & a brawl broke out. They cleared all the night winners out of the ring.

Which WWE DIVA is engaged?? Find out here

It is with a bittersweet feeling that I’m reporting this news to you. My favorite diva and my crush Celeste Bonin aka Kaitlyn is engaged…. Her body builder boyfriend PJ Braun sent out a tweet earlier today saying “best day of my life…… See said yes.” (You can see the tweet below)


But all joking aside I am very happy for the couple. I’ve spoken to PJ a couple of times on twitter and he seems like a great guy, congratulations are in order for the happy couple. No word yet on when the wedding will take place but I can issuer you that as a kaitlyn fan and on behalf of DTRTwrestling I will bring you more news as It comes to surface. For now leave your congrats and other comments in the comment Box and enjoy photos of the lovely couple 🙂


-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)

TNA Impact Preview


Special Thanksgiving edition of Impact.

Who will be forced to wear the infamous TNA Turkey Suit?

Team Angle VS Team Roode in a 8 Man Tag Elimination Match. Who will Kurt Angle & Bobby Roode pick to join them in battle?

Mr. Anderson will hold a public funeral for the end of Aces & Eights.

TNA Signs Multi-Year TV Deal in Japan

TNA Impact Wrestling continues it’s international growth by signing a new multi-year agreement with Nippon Television Network Corporation(NTV) in Japan. NTV channel G+ will continue to air TNA Impact Wrestling every Saturday night at 10pm, as well as broadcasting TNA’s monthly PPV & One Night Only events. TNA Executive Vice President, Andy Barton, said TNA is excited about this multi-year commitment with Nippon Television G+.

TNA Impact Wrestling is currently the #1 rated weekly wrestling program in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria & Switzerland. The show airs in more than 120 other countries around the world.