TNA Impact Preview


Special Halloween edition of Impact.

Kurt Angle VS Bobby Roode.

What’s next in the ongoing situation involving TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles & TNA President Dixie Carter?

Knockout Championship Match: ODB VS Knockouts Champion Gail Kim.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match: TNA Tag Team Champions Bro Mans VS James Storm & Gunner.

Will “The Monster” Abyss make his return on Halloween night & unleash terror on Daniels & Kazarian or anyone else who might be in his path of destruction?

TNA Impact Wrestling Roster Changes & TNA World Heavyweight Championship Vacated


TNA has removed Hulk Hogan & AJ Styles from their roster page on their website. TNA has added Mr. Anderson who made his return last week. Even though AJ has been removed he does have a contract that last until the end of the year.

Here is a video of TNA President Dixie Carter announcing that she vacated the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

RAW Recap

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It was announced that the fans get to vote via the WWE App for the stipulation for the CM Punk VS Ryback match. The choices are Street Fight or Falls Count Anywhere or Tables match.

New World Heavyweight Champion John Cena came to the ring. Cena brought up that JBL thought he was coming back too soon. Cena thanked JBL for the motivation. Cena said the new World Heavyweight Champion is here. Cena said he is back & ready to go. Cena mentioned that WWE Champion Randy Orton is having a celebration later. Cena brought up that Alberto Del Rio has a rematch coming & he told Del Rio if he wants some to come & get some. “The Champ is here.” Mr. Money in the Bank Damien Sandow came to the ring. Sandow said the uncrowned Champ is here. Sandow said Cena isn’t fooling him because it’s impossible for Cena’s tricep to be healed that quickly. He said Cena is more hurt than he is letting on. Sandow said Cena is afraid of him cashing in on him. Sandow teased cashing in & said any night but tonight. Sandow went to leave & Cena shoved him & Sandow attacked Cena with the briefcase, targeting Cena’s elbow & arm. He tossed Cena into the barricade & steel steps. Sandow placed Cena’s arm across the steel steps & smashed his arm with a steel chair. Sandow said he’s time is now & cashed in his money in the bank briefcase.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: World Heavyweight Champ John Cena VS Damien Sandow: Cena got the win to retain the Title.

The Shield backstage, Dean Ambrose mentioned he is defending his United States Championship against Big E Langston. Seth Rollins said last night they made a mistake & underestimated Big E. Ambrose said he is going to get the job done because he is the baddest man alive. Roman Reigns said “believe in The Shield.”

United States Championship Match: US Champ Dean Ambrose VS Big E Langston: Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns interfered in the match attacking Big E. Big E won by DQ. After the match The Shield continued to assault Big E. The Uso’s came down to help Big E. Raw GM Brad Maddox came out & made a 6-Man tag match.

The Shield VS Big E Langston & The Uso’s: The Shield got the win.

Shawn Michaels came to the ring. HBK said he owes Daniel Bryan a explanation & called Bryan out to the ring. Bryan came down. HBK said he didn’t intend for that to happen. Fans chanted you sold out. HBK said Triple H is his best friend & has always been there for him so he had to be there for Triple H. HBK asked Bryan to accept his apology. HBK said he taught Bryan a lesson last night, in the WWE don’t trust anybody. HBK wanted Bryan to shake his hand. Bryan shook his head no. HBK was getting angry & said he doesn’t know if Bryan is a A+ player. HBK said that he is a A+ player & ordered Bryan to shake his hand. Bryan put HBK in the Yes Lock & made him tap. Referees came & pulled Bryan off of HBK.

Renee Young backstage with Daniel Bryan. Bryan was attacked by Erick Rowan & Luke Harper of The Wyatt Family. Bray Wyatt picked up Bryan & said the devil made him dot it & laid him out with his finisher Sister Abigail. He then shoved a big stage equipment crate into Bryan.

2 on 3 Handicap Match: Los Matadores VS 3MB: During the match Heath Slater tried to catch El Torito with a big net. El Torito his underneath the ring & he sprayed Slater with a fire extinguisher. Los Matadores got the win. After the match Los Matadores put the net over Slater’s head & El Torito came off the top rope onto Slater.

AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka VS The Bella Twins: AJ & Tamina got the win by submission.

Kane VS The Miz: Kane got the win. After the match, Kane called out Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie came out onto the stage. Kane said she has been on a power trip & has ruined lives, but in this day & age it’s what’s best for business. Kane said the monster is hers to unleash. Kane handed Stephanie his mask as he left.

Footage was showed of David Otunga reading a paper about Big Shows lawsuit against the WWE. Otunga said the lawsuit could cost the McMahon’s millions & maybe the company.

CM Punk came to the ring & talked about getting his hands on Paul Heyman at Hell In A Cell. Punk said Heyman is history. Punk said his focus now shifts to Ryback & Ryback stands no chance against him without Heyman. Punk talked about the 3 choices for his match with Ryback. Punk daid he promises he will beat Ryback.

Jerry Lawler announced the fans choice for the CM Punk VS Ryback match. Fans voted for a Street Fight.

Street Fight: CM Punk VS Ryback: Punk put Ryback through a table with a elbow drop from of the top rope. Punk made Ryback tap out. Punk won by submission. After the match The Wyatt Family came out. Punk waited in the ring. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper attacked Punk. Bray Wyatt entered the ring. Punk headbutted Wyatt. Wyatt laid out Punk with Sister Abigail. Wyatt said the Devil made him do it.

The Real Americans VS Cody Rhodes & Goldust: The Real Americans got the win by submission. Goldust tapped out to Jack Swagger’s Patriot Lock.

Alberto Del Rio came out. Del Rio said John Cena stole his World Heavyweight Title. He said he is going to make Cena pay & hurt him bad. He said he is going to break Cena’s arm. Del Rio said the Title belongs to him.

Summer Rae VS Natalya: Fandango was at ringside with Summer & The Great Khali & Hornswoggle was with Natalya. Hornswoggle pulled Fandango off the ring apron & Fandango knocked Hornswoggle down. Khali chopped Fandango across the head with a big chop. Natalya took advantage of a distracted Summer & got the win by submission with a Sharpshooter.

All the WWE Superstars & Divas along with Vickie Guerrero & Brad Maddox was on the stage. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon came to the ring with The Shield. Triple H talked about choosing Randy Orton as the face of the WWE. Triple H talked about Orton being a A+ player & introduced Orton to the ring. Orton hugged Triple H & Stephanie. Stephanie said Orton is everybody’s champion & told all the Superstars & Divas to show Orton the respect he deserves. Orton said he is better than everyone & he is their superior. Big Show came down. The Shield attacked Big Show before he reached the ring. The Uso’s & Cody Rhodes & Goldust came down & went after The Shield. They fought to the stage & a brawl broke out on the stage. Big Show entered the ring & Orton & Triple H bailed. Big Show talked about his lawsuit against the WWE. Big Show said he will take all of the McMahon’s money. Big Show said he doesn’t have anything to lose. Orton attacked Big Show form behind. Triple H climbed onto the ring apron & he & Stephanie cheered Orton on. Big Show knocked Orton out. Triple H took of his suit & tie but then dropped down off the apron. Big Show stared at Triple H & Stephanie. Big Show left the ring. Triple H stood in the ring steaming mad at Big Show.

RAW Preview


How will John Cena kick off his 14th World title reign? Will Mr. Money in the Bank Damien Sandow decide to make his move on The Champ?

CM Punk defeated Paul Heyman & Ryback inside the Hell In A Cell. Punk got his hands on Heyman & beat him with a Kendo stick atop the Cell & laid him out With a GTS. Will that truly satiate Punk’s desire for payback?

The Big Red Monster’s return immediately put The Wyatt Family on notice, but he also took out The Miz with a Chokeslam. With his motives unknown, how will Kane exact revenge on The Wyatt Family & is that even his plan?

Will another Diva step up to make a run at AJ Lee & The WWE Divas Championship?

Why Did Shawn Michaels deliver Sweet Chin Music to Daniel Bryan & allow Randy Orton to claim the vacant WWE Championship? Is there more to HBK’s choice than meets the eye?