Update On Ken Anderson’s TNA Status

Ken AndersonKen Anderson who is not currently under contract with TNA, stated in an interview with 4th & Pain that he expects to sign a new contract with TNA within a week. Anderson said that his agent & lawyer are working on finishing up a deal with TNA. Anderson said that he has enjoyed the way he was being used creatively before his TNA contract expired.

RAW Preview

20130722-175051.jpgThe Rhodes family have accepted an offer from Triple H for a sit-down tonight on Raw. What turn will the family drama take?

The new tag team, Los Matadores finally will make their arrival in the WWE.

Now that Randy Orton has taken Stephanie McMahon’s command to unleash his remorseless side, the Viper has beaten both The Miz & RVD to within an inch of the injured reserve list. Can Daniel Bryan withstand Orton at his most brutally efficient?

With each passing week, Big Show continues to sink further into the subservience of the McMahon family. How long & hard can the corporate power continue to push the giant until he snaps?

CM Punk will meet Ryback at Battleground, but can Punk keep his animosity in check until then? Or will he be goaded into another ambush?

Daniel Bryan And Brie Bella Engaged

E! / Raj Giri

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, who have been dating for the past three years, got engaged this past Wednesday. Bryan popped the question while they were hiking in Big Sur, California.

“I have never in my life seen him so nervous. I’ve been by him when he’s gone out for WrestleMania and some really big things,” Brie told E!. “He got really, really nervous and he started talking about how long we’ve been together. He got down on one knee and compared our love. He said he’ll love me forever like the ocean goes on.”

Footage of Bryan popping the question will air on an upcoming episode ofTotal Divas. Brie noted that that they are hoping to tie the knot between April and June of next year.

Daniel Bryan tweeted the photo below following the engagement:



TNA Impact Wrestling Recap: September 26 2013

TNA ENTERTAINMENT, LLC IMPACT WRESTLING LOGODixie Carter arrived to the arena, Sting stopped her as she came in & asked her why she is doing what she is doing to AJ Styles. Sting said that this is not the Dixie he knows. Dixie told Sting not to worry because she has got this one handled.

Bully Ray with Brooke Tessmacher came to the ring. Bully said Dixie Carter shocked the Hell out of him the way she put AJ Styles in his place. Bully said he doesn’t have to worry about how he is going to beat AJ now because Dixie is so far inside AJ’s head. Bully said AJ should kiss the ground Dixie walks on & that Dixie is the one who made AJ phenomenal & if it weren’t for Dixie AJ couldn’t perform in this ring. Bully fellow Aces & Eights brothers, Knux, Garett Bischoff & Wes Briscoe interrupted & came down to the ring. Knux said Bully is more worried about his ho & protecting his Title than he is the club. Bully said don’t call her a ho. Fans chanted ho. Knux said the 3 of them are going to take care of club business tonight against the Main Event Mafia, not Bully. Bully said he makes the rules around here & threaten to kick them out of the club if they don’t fall in line. Bully said if they lose tonight it will be lights out for one of them.

Joseph Park was in the back shaving. Eric Young & ODB came in & EY got on to Park for shaving because he might cut himself. EY told Park to not shave no more on wrestling day.

Bro Man’s & Gail Kim VS Joseph Park, Eric Young & ODB: Park, EY & ODB got the win.

Backstage Hulk Hogan was asked about the Dixie & AJ situation. Hogan said it’s out of control & he is here to fix this crap.

Austin Aries came to the ring. Aries said when he steps in the ring he is the main event. Aries said his future looks fine. Kenny King interrupted & came down to the ring. King brought up when Aries put on the Suicide/Manik mask & it cost him the X-Division Title. King said he is the future. Aries said King is full of bull. Aries challenge King to a match. King said he isn’t fighting him today. King sucker punched Aries & when Aries fought back King bailed from the ring. Aries said King isn’t going to sucker punch him & then tuck tail & run because he isn’t a sucker. Aries called for a referee & a referee came down & Aries went after King.

Austin Aries VS Kenny King: King got busted open on the steel steps. Aries got the win.

Promo for Lei’d Tapa.

Backstage Chris Sabin with Velvet Sky confronted Austin Aries. Sabin said he is going to become the X-Division Champion & will go on to be remembered as greater than the greatest man that ever lived. Sabin & Velvet walked off. Aries said he thinks he is going to test that theory.

Main Event Mafia in the back getting ready. Magnus was frustrated about E.G.O. Samoa Joe said they will get theirs & there will be a time but tonight they need to get focused. Sting reminded Magnus why they formed the Mafia, it was to get rid of Aces & Eights & they are real close to pushing them al the way over the edge. Sting told Magnus to not let people get in his head so easily because he is better than that.

Hulk Hogan came out to the ring. Hogan talked about Dixie Carter bringing him to TNA & making him the GM. Hogan talked about what happened last week between Dixie & AJ Styles. Hogan said airing their dirty laundry in the ring shouldn’t happen. Hogan asked the fans if they want to see AJ stay with the company. The fans cheered. Hogan said he is going to bring AJ out to the ring later & fix this thing.

Promo for the return of Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory.

Promo for Ethan.

In the back AJ was asked about what Hogan said. AJ said he will here Hogan out.

X-Division Championship Match: Chris Sabin VS X-Division Champ Manik: Velvet Sky was at ringside in Sabin’s corner. During the match Sabin kept using Velvet to try to get an edge. Velvet didn’t seem to be happy about it. Manik got the win. After the match Sabin attacked Manik & Austin Aries came down to the ring & Sabin retreated.

Knux, Bischoff & Briscoe was backstage talking about their match with the Main Event Mafia. They said they can’t afford to lose another brother.

E.G.O. was backstage talking about Kurt Angle being inducted into the Hall of Fame & the Main Event Mafia.

Aces & Eights(Knux, Garett Bischoff & Wes Briscoe) VS Main Event Mafia(Sting, Samoa Joe & Magnus): During the match Daniels & Kazarian came down & attacked Magnus taking him out of the match then they retreated to the back. Briscoe tapped out to Joe. Main Event Mafia got the win. After the match Bully Ray came down to the ring with Brooke. Bully said Briscoe is a disgrace to his colors & asked for his cut. Briscoe said no. Bully ordered Knux & Bischoff to take the cut from Briscoe but they refused. Bully clotheslined Briscoe & asked Knux & Bischoff what happened to them. Bully nailed Briscoe with a piledriver. Again Bully ordered them to take the cut from Briscoe. They took the cut off of Briscoe. Bully ordered Knux to give it to him. Knux reluctantly handed the cut to Bully.

Hogan in the ring. Hogan brought out AJ Styles. Hogan had a TNA contract for AJ to sign. Hogan said they are all betting on AJ to bring the World Heavyweight Title home. AJ signed the contract & said I’m yours. Dixie Carter came down to the ring. Dixie said she brought Hogan to TNA to bring big opportunities & to open doors for the company. Dixie told Hogan that he is just an employee & that she is here to make him the best he can be. Dixie said doesn’t see any value in AJ & ripped up the contract. AJ told Dixie that she just made the biggest mistake of her life. Dixie told AJ to get out of her ring. AJ left. Hogan asked Dixie if she hears what  is going on out here as the fans boo her. Dixie said the fans don’t know what it is like to live in her world & the decisions she has to make. Dixie said she isn’t going to say what Hogan did was a mistake but she wished he would have run the idea by her first. Dixie told Hogan that he has a decision to make, get in line & get on team Dixie or be like AJ & watch from the sidelines. Dixie gave Hogan one week to think about it.

Dixie Carter Gives Hulk Hogan An Ultimatum

Last night on TNA’s live edition of Impact Wrestling Dixie Carter continued her crusade to gain control of the chaos within the company. this time by confronting Hulk Hogan.

A week after confronting AJ Styles over comments he made about the current state of affairs TNA President Dixie Carter continued to speak out about the criticisms from fans regarding her leadership of the organization. Earlier on Thursday Dixie hinted at the encounter on social media using the hashtag #RealDixieCarter.

The current angle, which began last week during a “shoot” promo is based on TNA’s growing criticisms coming from fans and industry insiders regarding recent actions by the company and what many believe to be the beginning of the end for Impact Wrestling.

Many prominent names have been leaving the company for several months, some were released while others decided to depart. The storyline has been compared to the current “What’s best for business” storyline being done by WWE. Dixie has been compared to Stephanie etc.

While there are indeed similarities which I believe to be intentional, the degree of reality being injected into the current TNA storyline has many concerned. While we want to believe that the new heel persona from Dixie is just fictional the fact is many believe she is showing her true colors and that her words are more real then we may think.

Several reports have confirmed that Hulk Hogan’s contract will next month. And some believe he might be ready for some sort of WWE return. The current production schedule for Impact has also proven to much  for the company with rumors of possibly returning to a single location to film weekly broadcasts.

So the question remains, #TeamDixie or #TeamAJ?

TNA Impact Wrestling Preview

What will be the fallout from the heated confrontation between TNA President Dixie Carter & “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles? Are AJ’s days in TNA numbered after what he said to Dixie? How will Impact GM Hulk Hogan react? We’ll hear from Hogan tonight on Impact.

6-Man Tag Match: Main Event Mafia(Sting, Samoa Joe & Magnus) VS Aces & Eights(Knux, Garett Bischoff & Wes Briscoe).

With Bound For Glory less than a month away, World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray is preparing for his biggest match of the year against AJ Styles. Will the friction within the ranks of Aces & Eights work against Bully?

X-Division Championship Match: X-Division Champ Manik VS Chris Sabin.

6-Person Tag Match: Erick Young, Knockouts Champion ODB & Joseph Park VS The Bro Man’s. Which Knockout will The Bro Man’s recruit to team up with them?

Is Kharma Close To A WWE Return?

KharmaKharma said she is ready to make a WWE return & believes all parties are in gorilla, meaning a return to WWE could be happening soon. Kharma encouraged fans to keep on bringing Kharma signs to WWE events & writing to WWE because they listen to their fans, unlike TNA.

Kharma has a new slimmer look. Kharma said she’s working on re-inventing herself & is looking to drop a little more weight & have definition in her physique. In order to drop weight Kharma has been using DDP Yoga.