Update On Ken Anderson’s TNA Status

Ken Anderson who is not currently under contract with TNA, stated in an interview with 4th & Pain that he expects to sign a new contract with TNA within a week. Anderson said that his agent & lawyer are working on finishing up a deal with TNA. Anderson said that he has enjoyed the way … Continue reading Update On Ken Anderson’s TNA Status


RAW Preview

The Rhodes family have accepted an offer from Triple H for a sit-down tonight on Raw. What turn will the family drama take? The new tag team, Los Matadores finally will make their arrival in the WWE. Now that Randy Orton has taken Stephanie McMahon's command to unleash his remorseless side, the Viper has beaten … Continue reading RAW Preview

Dixie Carter Gives Hulk Hogan An Ultimatum

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCaAQ-wctZc Last night on TNA's live edition of Impact Wrestling Dixie Carter continued her crusade to gain control of the chaos within the company. this time by confronting Hulk Hogan. A week after confronting AJ Styles over comments he made about the current state of affairs TNA President Dixie Carter continued to speak out about … Continue reading Dixie Carter Gives Hulk Hogan An Ultimatum

TNA Impact Wrestling Preview

What will be the fallout from the heated confrontation between TNA President Dixie Carter & "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles? Are AJ's days in TNA numbered after what he said to Dixie? How will Impact GM Hulk Hogan react? We'll hear from Hogan tonight on Impact. 6-Man Tag Match: Main Event Mafia(Sting, Samoa Joe & Magnus) … Continue reading TNA Impact Wrestling Preview