Raw Recap: July 29 2013

Mr. Vince McMahon & Raw GM Brad Maddox came to the ring. Vince said we are going to have some fun tonight & handed Maddox the Mic. Maddox apologized for his bonehead decision to let John Cena chose his own opponent for Summer Slam. Vince said to Maddox last week you referred to Daniel Bryan as a troll & said a troll is a mythological caveman, a hideous ugly dwarf & that Maddox may be onto something with that. Vince said you also said that Bryan was undersized, has psychological problems & didn’t have the aura of being WWE Champion. Vince asked Maddox how he really feels about Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan came out to the ring & said with all do respect those words came out the mouth of Brad Maddox but he believes that they was dictated by Vince. Vince said I got this & dismissed Maddox. Vince said to Bryan you interrupted me & that was a lack of respect. Bryan sais respect is a 2 way street & said despite giving everything he has night after night year after year for this company Vince hasn’t given him an ounce of respect. Vince asked if Bryan if he respects John Cena. Bryan said he respects Cena as a human being, a champion & that Cena chose him as his Summer Slam opponent. Vince said would you respect Cena if he was lying through his teeth when he made all of those complimentary remarks when he chose you. Vince said Cena is lying to you & making you look foolish. Vince asked Bryan if he was a fool & asked if all the fans that support Cena are fools. Vince said Cena knows what I know that you can’t beat Cena &  you can’t even beat Kane tonight & the reason is because you don’t have ruthless aggression. Vince said Cena doesn’t have it anymore & is ripe for the picking. Vince said Bryan can’t beat Cena but he doesn’t want Cena to win either because Cena walks around like her like he own the place & he thinks he is better than him. Vince said he only sees himself winning & will tell how but needs to get on Bryan’s level & scrunches down & said he hopes both Cena & Bryan spontaneously combust. Vince said he hopes that he wins at Summer Slam. Bryan said if Cena is lying he will have hell to pay. Bryan said let me get own your level & stood on his tip toes. Bryan said to Vince you’re always honest with me & always tell me what you think but it doesn’t matter what you think it matters what they think(pointing to the fans). Fans chanted Yes! Bryan said it sounds like they want a new champion at Summer Slam. Bryan told Vince to take his own advice & listen to the WWE Universe. Bryan asked the fans if they want a new WWE Champion. Fans chanted Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Shield vs Mark Henry & The Uso’s: The Shield got the win. After the match Henry attacked The Shield & cleared them from the ring.

Footage from earlier in the day was showed of Ryback bullying some guy at the catering table. Ryback put him through the table.

Promo for the Wyatt family.

Maddox backstage, Kane came in & asked where are the Wyatt’s. Maddox said they aren’t here. Maddox said you can send them a message & show them that your still a monster & got that killer instinct in your match against your friend Daniel Bryan.

Rob Van Dam vs Fandango: RVD got the win by count out because Fandango walked away from the match.

AJ Lee & Big E Langston backstage, AJ complained that she has to wrestle Kaitlyn again & that Kaitlyn is going to spear her again. AJ said Big E always stands there & lets it happen & asked him why & said what’s the matter with you. AJ laughed & said you stand there & watch because you like me, you like what I do in the ring right & you never know what I’m going to do next do you. AJ laughed & skipped away.

Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee: Kaitlyn got the win. After the match AJ threw a temper tantrum. Dolph Ziggler came out & congratulated AJ on her loss. Ziggler said maybe your new friend Big E can be your shoulder to cry on & maybe later you can be his shoulder to cry on because I want a match with Big E right now.

Dolph Ziggler vs Big E Langston: AJ attacked Ziggler & Ziggler got the win by DQ. After the match Langston asked AJ what she was doing. Ziggler then nailed Big E with a Zig Zag.

Backstage Daniel Bryan asked John Cena if Vince McMahon was telling the truth. Cena said he wouldn’t believe a word Vince says. Bryan said good or bad Vince has always been honest with him. Cena said are you calling me a liar & walked off.

Christian vs Alberto Del Rio: Christian got the win.

Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes: Rhodes got the win. After the match Damien Sandow came out & said Cody damn you for throwing my briefcase into the Gulf of Mexico. Sandow said he has filed a complaint with WWE management. Sandow said he tried to bring Rhodes up to his level. Sandow said he won Money In The Bank & Rhodes grew a mustache. Sandow said it isn’t Rhodes fault. Sandow said that he comes from a family of scholars & Rhodes comes from a family of clowns & maybe now he shpuld send Rhodes back to the circus where he belongs. Sandow said on second thought carney folk are beneath his constitution. Sandow said “you’re welcome.”

Daniel Bryan vs Kane: Bryan got the win. After the match Kane choked slammed Bryan. Kane was getting ready to make his pyro go off & the lights went out & The Wyatt Family came out. Bray Wyatt sat in his rocking chair & the light came back on. Kane charged after Wyatt & grabbed him by the throat but Wyatt was saved by Erick Rowan & Luke Harper. Rowan & Harper beat down Kane & brought him back into the ring. Wyatt came into the ring & Rowan & Harper held Kane for him. Wyatt kissed Kane on the head & laid him out with a move. Wyatt said I heard you like to call yourself the devil’s favorite demon but you sir are no demon. Wyatt lifts up Kane’s head & said Kane I would like to let you in on a little secret man, you aught to be careful who you say those things in front of because you never know who might be listening. Wyatt laughed & posed with his arms outstretched with Rowan & Harper standing behind him & Wyatt said follow the buzzards.

Footage from earlier of The Bella Twins talking to Natalya was showed. Brie said we are all winners in the Total Divas premier. Nikki said especially you Natty, in every good story there is always a ugly duckling.

Brie Bella vs Natalya: During the match Nikki came out blowing on a duck call & saying quack, Natty, quack, quack which distracted Natalya. Brie got the win.

Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel backstage, Heyman said it’s time to show the world the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.

R-Truth was in the ring. Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel come to make there way to the ring. Heyman said he finds it ironic that his clients opponent tonight is known as R-Truth because our truth is that I’m the most exclusive manager, agent, advocate in sports entertainment history. Heyman said his client Brock Lesnar the beast incarnate at Summer Slam will end the career of his former best friend CM Punk. Heyman said being a Paul Heyman guy means that you are amongst the most elite circle of top talent in history, a fact perfectly personified by Curtis Axel. Axel said his father won the Intercontinental Championship right here in Texas but despite that he went on to become Mr. Perfect. Axel said that he is already more perfect than perfect.

R-Truth vs Curtis Axel: During the match CM Punk came out & attacked Axel & then went after Heyman. Punk got his hand on Heyman but Axel came over & Punk had to fight off Axel. Heyman was able to get away.

Triple H & Vince McMahon backstage, Triple H said are done pulling Maddox’s strings & jerking around Daniel Bryan, 3 matches last week, Ryback, Kane tonight what are you doing. Vince said maybe he is trying to use reverse psychology, maybe somewhere down deep he wants Bryan to be Champion & Vince laughed. Vince said all he wants is for someone to beat John Cena. Triple H said maybe Bryan can. Vince said no he can’t. Vince said he wants someone like you(Triple H) but 23 years younger. Stephanie came in & said Bryan needs a little help. Stephanie said the fans chose Bryan just as much as Cena did. Stephanie said we need to help Bryan’s image along & that she has an idea & she wants to personally supervise it. Stephanie said she wants to give Bryan a corporate makeover. Vince said good luck with that & walked off. Triple H told Stephanie it’s worth a shot.

Tables Match: John Cena vs Ryback: Cena got the win. After the match Daniel Bryan came out & got the WWE Championship belt & brought it into the ring. Bryan acted like he was going to hand it to Cena but pulled it back. Cena grabbed it away from Bryan. They stared at each other & Bryan yelled along with the fans Yes! Yes! Yes!

#August1Warning Fans Seek Answers… Big Name Responds

As speculation over the identity of the person behind the August 1st Warning videos continues to grow leading to this Thursday’s Impact wrestling, a fan on twitter asked one of the most talked about names if they were behind the video messages. They responded, what was their answer?