TNA Recap: May 30 2013

Aces & Eights backstage, Bully Ray said make no mistakes, the order of business for this club tonight is AJ Styles, AJ Styles & AJ Styles. D’Lo Brown told Mr. Anderson that he thought his plan was going to work & that AJ was going to come over. Bully & Devon walked off giving Anderson a look. Anderson let D’Lo walk ahead of him & Anderson attacked D’Lo from behind. Anderson walked off & Devon was waiting for Anderson.

Aces & Eights came to the ring. Bully talked about Slammiversary. Bully said in 3 days Devon takes out Joseph Park for good. Bully talked no holds barred match with Sting. Bully said to Sting your going to try & break my arm, dislocate my knee cap, poke out my eyes & rip out my throat, go for it Sting. Bully talked about World Champions Sting has beat Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle & Jeff Hardy. Bully said he is going to make sure you never see Hardy again. Bully said he beat them all too & he took them out. Bully said he can’t wait to beat Sting to make sure Sting never ever gets to wrestle for the World Heavyweight Championship again. Bully called out Sting & Park.

Bully Ray & Devon vs Sting & Joseph Park: Towards the end of the match Abyss’s music is played, Bully & Devon got distracted. Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop on Devon & Sting & Park got the win. Abyss never appeared.

Backstage Kurt Angle said maybe AJ Styles didn’t join Aces & Eights well good for him but AJ has done some things to him the last couple of weeks that are unforgivable. Kurt was asked if there is mutual respect between him & AJ. Angle said there is mutual respect but there is going to be a price to pay at Slammiversary & tonight he is going to watch AJ’s match very closely, literally.

Dixie Carter came to the ring & said this Sunday is a very special night for us, we will be celebrating 11 years that TNA has been in business. Dixie thanked the fans & said Sunday at Slammiversary they will reveal the next inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. Dixie wished Sting good luck in his match with Bully Ray at Slammiversary. Aces & Eights members Garett Bischoff, Wes Briscoe & DOC interrupted & came to the ring. Bischoff asked Dixie where’s the love for Aces & Eights. Bischoff said he doesn’t here her telling Bully Ray good luck. he said he knows Dixie is awfully excited about her big celebration at Slammiversary but it is going to fell more like a funeral. Bischoff, Briscoe & DOC backed Dixie into a corner & Samoe Joe & Magnus came running to the ring & Aces & Eights cleared out of the ring. Joe said he has sat at home for 1 month picking stitches & bandages out of his face seething to get his hands on each & every one of Aces & Eights. Joe challenged Bischoff to a fight.

Samoa Joe vs Garett Bischoff: WEs Briscoe & DOC interfered in the match & beat down Magnus on the outside & Bischoff joined in the beat down. The referee called for the bell. Joe dove through the ropes onto all 3 of Aces & Eights members. Joe & Magnus in the ring, Joe called Aces & Eights cowards & announced that at Slammiversary it will be Bischoff, Briscoe & DOC who Joe called a big shaved ape vs Magnus, Samoe Joe & Joe said that they are bringing Jeff Hardy with them. Aces & Eights threw a fit.

Backstage James Storm & Gunner, Storm said he chose Gunner because he is a beast, he served our country & has killed people. Storm said if Gunner is going to kill people for our country he is going to kill people for him too. Gunner said lets go out there & fight a war. Gunner said Storm picked a warrior.

Backstage Hulk Hogan with his daughter Brooke, Hulk asked Brooke what was happened with Bully Ray last week. Hulk said he saw the look in her eyes. Brooke said when Bully looks in to her eyes & tells her he loves her it is going to pull at her heart strings. Hulk told Brooke when Bully says I love you it is a written permission slip to destroy our lives & this company. Brooke said she knows right from wrong that it is just hard to see that face telling her that because she once knew a good guy or so she thought. Brooke said but she was wrong. Hulk said to switch gears & focus on what we have to do. Brooke said she can’t focus on the Knockouts with Bully running around the hallways. Hulk said Sting is the guy who said he needed 1 shot & Sting has got the blood of a champion in his veins & he believes in Sting. Brooke asked if he thinks Sting can do it knowing how nasty Bully fights. Hulk said he is betting the farm on it.

8 Man Tag Match: Bad Influence(Daniels & Kazarian), Bobby Roode & Austin Aries vs James Storm, Gunner, Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez: Gunner, Storm, Chavo & Hernandez got the win by submission when Gunner made Aries tap out with a Torture Rack.

AJ was seen arriving outside the arena on his motorcycle.

Aces & Eights backstage, Bully said Impact Wrestling thinks they got us where they want us, they don’t. Bully Said AJ Styles has the nerve to turn this club down. Bully tapped Anderson on the shoulder & told him that he better take care of AJ tonight. Bully started to say something about Joseph Park but Devon interrupted & said don’t worry about Park that’s his responsibility & that he will be taken care of at Slammiversary & if Abyss thinks about showing up his *ss belongs to him. Bully told Devon that he better get the job done. Devon said it will get done. Bully said where did Jeff Hardy come from, Hardy shouldn’t be walking because he blasted him in the back of the head with a hammer. Bully told Briscoe, DOC & Bischoff that they better take care of Hardy, Joe & Magnus. Bully told Knux that he has a job for him. Bully said tonight Aces & Eights officially declares war on Impact Wrestling. Bully said he wants victims, lots of victims laid out all over the place. Bully said if he doesn’t get victims one of you or all of you(Bully turned & looked at Devon) even you might end up like D’Lo Brown.

Promo video for Bound For Glory was showed. Bound For Glory will take place in San Diego, CA on October 20th.

Mickie James came to the ring to celebrate winning the Knockouts Championship last week. She said it feels good to be the champ. She thanked the fans for their support. She mentioned the release of her new album. Mickie said this might be the greatest thing in her life as she holds up the Title. Mickie said it has been 2 years since she has been champion & its been a long time coming. She said there is a handful of people that have doubted the way she won the championship. Mickie said she deserves this. Mickie wanted to address the situation & called out Velvet Sky to the ring. Velvet hugged Mickie. Mickie said she was willing to wait until Velvet was 100, 1000% ready but Velvet said she was ready. Mickie called Velvet a real fighting champion. Mickie said Velvet’s knee gave out & she became champion it is just crazy how things happened that way. Mickie said for the crowd to give it up for what an amazing Knockouts Champion Velvet was. Velvet said business is business & she wants he rematch. Mickie said Velvet can have her rematch any time she wants. but lets wait until Velvet’s knee is ready. Velvet said she wants her rematch at Slammiversary. Mickie said she would love to but Brooke said she already has a Knockouts match for Slammiversary. Mickie said it’s Gail Kim & Taryn Terrell at Slammiversary but maybe after. Gail Kim interrupted & came to the ring. Gail said Mickie do you think you would have won the title without my help. Mickie said absolutely yes. Gail said she softened up Velvet weeks ago & almost destroyed her leg. Gail said she has been frustrated to the point that she took out her own partner Tara & took out Taryn & Velvet. Gail said she is going to finish what she started & take Taryn to school at Slammiversary & she is going to make sure that she is the last Knockout standing & after that she is coming for the Knockouts title. Velvet said that she is first in line in case you didn’t know Gail, yeah if you didn’t know now you know Gail. Gail kicked Velvet in the knee & dragged her over to the corner to try & put her in the hanging figure 4 leg lock around the ring post but Taryn Terrell came to the & stopped her. Mickie just looked on.

Gail Kim & Kenny King vs Taryn Terrell & Chris Sabin: Sabin & Taryn got the win. After the match Sabin said finally  he will get redemption Sunday at Slammiversary & become 5 time X-Division Champion. King attacked Sabin from behind with the title. King picked up Sabin on his shoulders & Suicide came to the ring & saved Sabin. Suicide hit a devastating move on King. Suicide picked up the title & Suicide & Sabin stared each other down.

Video of Sting talking about his past World Championship matches & his match with Bull Ray at Slammiversary.

Mr. Anderson vs AJ Styles: Angle came to the ring & attacked AJ. Angle & AJ fought & Aces & Eights came to the ring & jumped on Angle & AJ. Samoa Joe, Magnus, Joseph Park & Sting came to the ring & fought with Aces & Eights. Angle & AJ continued to fight each other. The ring cleared & Bully & Sting where left in the ring. Bully & Sting traded punches. Sting put Bully in the Scorpion Death Lock. Devon hit Sting to save Bully. Devon & Bully hi Sting with a 3D. The rest of Aces & Eights came back into the ring. Aces & Eights stood over Sting with their arms raised. Joe, Magnus & Park was laid out all along the ramp.

WWE Studios Announces New Film Project: Flintstones Meet The WWE – Warner Bros and WWE Studios are tag-teaming to co-produce a Flintstones animated movie to be released in early 2015. Here, fixtures of the ’60s Hanna-Barbera cartoon including Fred and Barney will be joined by WWE staples including Vince McMagma (voiced by Vince McMahon) and such WWE superstars and divas including John Cenastone (John Cena) and CM Punkrock (CM Punk). They will take part in a prehistoric WWE main event.

Considering the cartoon’s love for all things named for all things geological, it seems a glaring absence not to have Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson here, particularly since he occasionally gets in the ring. But maybe that’s too obvious, or too expensive. After all Johnson has been killing it this summer in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Pain & Gain and Fast & Furious 6, and this one doesn’t look like it’s going to hit theaters.

Warner Bros Home Entertainment will handle worldwide distribution on Blu-ray, DVD, VOD and digital download. The film will be co-produced by Warner Bros Animation and WWE Studios, and WWE will do its branding thing through its TV, digital media and print assets to market the movie. Bradley Buchanan, SVP Business and Legal Affairs, negotiated on behalf of WWE Studios.

“WWE is family-friendly entertainment, so partnering with Warner Bros on a Flintstones/WWE project was a natural extension of our Scooby Doo deal,” said Michael Luisi, President, WWE Studios. “This new, animated feature allows us to showcase our brand with young fans and loyal Flintstones enthusiasts alike.”