Raw Recap: April 29 2013

No DQ Triple Threat Match: Winner picks the stipulation for the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Extreme Rules: Zeb Colter vs Big E Langston vs Ricardo Rodriguez: Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler & AJ all got involved in the match. Rodriguez got the win. Del Rio will pick the stipulation for the World Heavyweight Championship match at Extreme Rules.

Monday was World Wish Day. A video clip from the Today Show was showed of John Cena granting a kid a wish on the show. John Cena came out with 3 Make-A-Wish kids & their moms. Cena granted them their wish. The kids was made honorary WWE Superstars for the day. For more information or to help out Make-A-Wish Foundation go to www.wish.org/WWE .

Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton: Orton got the win. After the match Matt Striker asked Orton if he is haunted by the moment when Big Show turned on him at WrestleMania & knocked him out cold. Orton said it fuels him & he has never been so focused. Orton said he has never been or felt so extreme. Rhodes tried to sneak attack Orton but Orton saw him coming & hit Rhodes with a RKO.

Backstage the Brie Bella was getting ready for her match. Nikki Bella approached & They talked about missing the #1 contender Diva battle royal match last week because the was at a red carpet event for E! Network promoting the new WWE Diva show on E! Total Divas.

Brie Bella vs Naomi: Nikki switched places with Brie to get the win. After the match the referee changed the decision to a DQ. Naomi got the win by DQ. The Bella Twins attacked the Funkadactyls.

The Shield came to the ring. The Shield said they have brought justice to an unjust world & nobody has been able to stop them. They said no one can stop the hounds of justice. They talked about how they took out The Undertaker on Smackdown this past Friday. The shield said when your number gets called justice strikes without warning & without mercy. The Shield said justice hasn’t forgotten about John Cena & Ryback. 3MB came out & interrupted. 3MB said The Shield has unfinished business with 3MB. 3MB said The Shield crashed their party when they was going to teach Triple H a lesson so they are going to crash The Shield’s party. 3MB surrounded the ring & attacked The Shield but The Shield quickly got the upper hand. Team Hell No came to the ring & The Shield bailed from the ring & retreated. Team Hell No attacked 3MB & cleared them from the ring. Kane choke slammed Heath Slater as The Shield looked on. Bryan got the fans chanting yes.

John Cena & Ryback are scheduled for the main event tonight against The Shield. Backstage Cena was getting his ankle tapped up by a trainer when Ryback came up & said you can tape that up all you want it doesn’t change the fact that you are hurt. Cena said he is hurt not injured which means he can go. Cena said he is more effective on one leg than Ryback on two. Ryback said he cant take that chance & walked off.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston: During the match Kingston nailed Ziggler with a Trouble in Paradise & would have gotten a 3 count but AJ put Ziggler’s leg on the rope. Ziggler got the win. After the match Big E Langston attacked Kingston.

Backstage Ziggler, AJ & Langston was walking down the hallway & ran across Kaitlyn & Natalya. Kaitlyn mention that AJ is the #1 contender & told AJ that she can try to take the Diva’s Title from her. A guy from the WWE crew came up & had a gift that was delivered. AJ grabbed the bag thinking it was for her. The gift was for Kaitlyn. It was a hat that matches her bracelet. Kaitlyn read the letter that came with the gift. Apparently Kaitlyn has a secret admirer because there was no name on it.

Vickie Guerrero & Brad Maddox in Vickie’s office. Ryback came in & said John Cena has has left him to face The Shield alone for the last time. Vickie made the match a 6 man tag of Ryback & Teamn Hell No vs The Shield. Ryback said Ryback Rules & been there done that. Ryback said he doesn’t trust either one of those guys & said no & walked off.

Jack Swagger vs Zack Ryder: Swagger got the win. After the match Swagger held Ryder while Zeb Colter punched him.

Footage was showed of Ryback leaving the building from during the commercial break.

Mark Henry came to the ring with a huge rope. Henry said he came out here to prove that he is the world strongest man. He said he asked Vickie for 2 opponents & she will make that happen. Henry said for Vickie to send them out.

Tug-Of-War: Mark Henry vs Tensai(Sweet T): Henry won.

Tug-Of-War: Henry vs Brodus Clay: Henry won. Sheamus came out & challenged Henry.

Tug-Of-War: Henry vs Sheamus: Sheamus let go of the rope causing Henry to bust his butt. Henry gets up & is mad & Sheamus hits him with a Brogue Kick.

In Vickie’s office Brad Maddox tells Team Hell No that Ryback left the building. Team Hell No still wants the match vs The Shield. Vickie said you got it. Vickie told Maddox that she needs him to do one more thing & whispered something in his ear.

Backstage John Cena told Maddox to tell Vickie he will be Team Hell no’s partner tonight. Maddox said but you are hurt bad. Cena said no I’m hurt you will be hurt bad if you don’t go right now & tell your boss that I’m fighting tonight.

Antonio Cesaro vs Alberto Del Rio: Del Rio got the win by submission with a Cross Arm Breaker. After the match Del Rio announced that the Triple Threat World Heavyweight Championship match at Extreme Rules will be a ladder match.

Dance Off: The Great Khali with Natalya vs Fandango with Summer Rae: Fans voted on the winner by applause. Khali with Natalya won. Fandango attacked Khali from behind.

John Cena & Team Hell No vs The Shield: Cena want for the AA on Seth Rollins but his leg gave out & Roman Reigns speared Cena. The Shield got the win. After the match Ryback came out & stood on the stage & stared at Cena. A trainer came into the ring & checked on Cena who appeared to be hurt bad.


TNA Recap: April 25 2013

Aces & Eights arrived but was stopped at the door by 3 security guards. Bully Ray said there hasn’t been a man in this company able to stop us yet & the 3 of you think your going to do it. Bully gave them to a count of 3 to move. They moved & Aces & eights entered the building.

James Storm came to the ring. He said last week AJ Styles brought the fight & said that new submission move of his hurt. AJ appeared up in the stands. Storm said AJ was a better man in the match last week. Storm talked about Aces & Eights attacking him last week. Storm said if Aces & Eights wanted a fight all they had to do was ask. Storm called out Aces & Eights. Daniels & Kazarian came out. Daniels said they was also victims of Aces & Eights. He said Hogan doesn’t have the answer but they do. Daniels said Aces & Eights have been playing a numbers game but the magic number TNA needs is 4. He said he isn’t talking about just any 4 he is talking about Fortune. Kazarian said they forgive AJ for the cheap shot last week. Kazarian said they want to reform Fortune with Storm & AJ because it is the right thing to do. Storm told Kazarian the people want him to shut up. Kazarian called Storm irrelevant. Storm fought with Kazarain & Daniels. Kazarian kicked Storm in the nuts. Daniels & Kazarian walked off. AJ was still looking on from up in the stands. Aces & Eights came to the ring & attacked Storm. Aces 7 Eights set up a table in the ring. Mr. Anderson was going to powerbomb Storm through the table but Joseph Park came out to help. Aces & Eights beat down Park. DOC & Knux was going to slam Park through the table but Bully Ray called them off. Bully & Devon put Park through the table with a 3D.

Back from the break Park was being carried off on a stretcher. Bully said they are not screwing around. Bully said they are the men responsible for all the carnage in TNA & for taking out all of your heroes. Bully said look around people you got no heroes left, no Samoa Joe, no Magnus, no James Storm, no Joseph Park, nobody. Bully said last week he called out one man & that man is Hulk Hogan who is his next victim. Bully said Hogan has got to the end of the show to answer the challenge. “When you ride with the Aces & Eights you never walk alone.”

Mike Tenay said Hogan had been here all day but he left the building about a hour before the show & didn’t tell anybody why. Taz said Hogan better not show back up here.

Hogan arrived & was asked why he left. Hogan said let it go.

Taryn Terrell vs Tara: Taryn got the win.

Backstage Robbie E talked to Jesse about Jesse’s match with Rob Terry. Robbie E told Jesse to show Terry that he is more than a dude than him. Robbie E told Jesse that after Jesse beats Terry tonight that Jesse is going to go down as one of the greatest bro’s in history. Robbie E said he will be right there by Jesse’s side.

Rob Terry vs Jesse: Robbie E came out & introduced Jesse & was at ringside for the match. Robbie E interfered in the match but Terry still was able to get the win.

Backstage Daniels & Kazarian talked to Bobby Roode about putting Fortune back together with the best 4 & take out Aces & Eights. Daniels said if the 3 of us stood together he knows there is no way AJ Styles would say no to us. Roode said what about Austin Aries. Daniels said lets concentrate on making Fortune the best 4 guys. Daniels told Roode to think about. Daniels & Kazarian left. Aries was eves dropping from around the corner.

Footage was showed from the Full Metal Mayhem World Heavyweight Title match form 2 weeks ago with Bully Ray & Jeff Hardy. Mike Tenay said there are rumors that Hardy is talking about walking away from wrestling. Taz said for Hardy to take his ball & go home. Taz called Hardy a quitter.

Backstage Austin Aries talked to Bobby Roode about Fortune getting back together. Aries asked Roode if that was what he really wants. Aries said if Fortune was such a good group then why did they vanish. Aries said he is going to go out there & get back the World Tag Team Titles & would like Roode to do it with him.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match: World Tag Team Champs Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez vs Bobby Roode & Austin Aries: Daniels & Kazarian was at the announce table for the match & Daniels did commentary. Kazarian & Daniels interfered in the match but it backfired. Roode held Hernandez for Daniels but Hernandez move & Daniels hit Roode with a clothesline by mistake. Chavo & Hernandez got the win to retain the titles.

Matt Morgan backstage said if Hogan goes out there face to face with Bully Ray he is signing his own death warrant & probably making his biggest mistake. Morgan said he has the solution & is going to the ring right now so everyone can here that solution. Morgan said for Hogan to pay attention, better yet Hogan is invited.

Matt Morgan came to the ring & said his issues with TNA is mistakes made by Hogan. Morgan talked about those mistakes. Morgan said he has the solution to Hogan’s problems & called out Hogan. Hogan came to the ring. Morgan said to Hogan that he has no more back up & Aces & Eights are going to eat him up & spit him out. Morgan said that he is the solution & offered to help Hogan eliminate Aces & Eights. Morgan said he is Hogan’s guy for a small price of coarse. Morgan wants Hogan to name him the #1 contender & hand him the TNA World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at Slammiversary. Hogan said that Morgan probably could get the job done. Hogan said he hoped Morgan would do the right thing & be the second coming of the mania but Morgan has got to do it for the wrong reason a price. Hogan said if he picks Morgan & hands this over on a silver platter it would be a bigger mistake than Bully Ray. Hogan said he is going to face Bully on his own even if he isn’t capable. Hogan told Morgan that he never heard Andre the Giant come out here & whine like a little bit*h.

Aces & Eights backstage, Bully Ray said he can’t believe Hogan is going to go out there alone with him. Bully told Aces & Eights for their word that they will not come near the ring because he is going to take care of his father in-law own his own.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match: Mickie James vs Knockouts Champ Velvet Sky: Velvet got the win to retain the Title.

Backstage Bully Ray talked to Devon. Bully said we are the leaders of a pack of warriors. Bully said he is going to be the guy who puts the final nail in the coffin of Hulkamania. Bully said we can’t be stopped. Devon said he will testify to that.

Backstage Hogan was getting ready. Brooke came in & doesn’t want him to go out there. Hogan said you can’t stop this. Hogan said Bully screwed over out family & this business. Hogan said it is up to him to fix it. Brooke is worried for her dad. Hogan said all there going to remember is if he was a good man or a bad man. Hogan said he is going to prove he is a good man. Hogan said you can’t stop this now & told her not to worry & that he will be right back. Brooke left the room. Hogan shook his head & said man what am I doing.

Bully Ray came to the ring & read off a list of names that were victims of Aces & Eights. Bully said there is no one left & called out Hogan. Hogan came to the ring & got nose to nose with Bully. Bully asked Hogan how his knee is doing. Bully said you are raring to go & you can’t wait to hit me in the face & hit me with a big boot. Bully said Hogan can’t fool him & that he sees fear in his eyes. Bully said Hogan fears him because he reminds him of himself & is a last of a dying breed. Bully said did you ever think that it would come to this. Bully said he is the guy who is going to put an end to Hulkamania. Hogan said you can’t because Hulkamania will never die. Bully Spit in Hogan’s face. Bully had his back turned to Hogan & Hogan ripped of his shirt & Hulked up. Bully turned around & Hogan pointed a Bully with his famous “you”. Bully pointed back at Hogan with a “you” & Bully said screw you dad & took a swing at Hogan. Hogan punched Bully & tossed him toward the ropes but Bully was able to escape from the ring. Aces & Eights surrounded the ring & was about to attack Hogan when the light went out. The Lights came back on & Sting was in the ring pointing his black baseball bat at Hogan. Bully was happy that Sting had the bat pointed at Hogan but Sting turned around & pointed the bat at Bully. Bully Bailed from the ring & Sting attacked Aces & Eights with the bat. Sting & Hogan cleared Aces & Eights from the ring. Sting pointed the bat back at Hogan & then left the ring. Hogan was left in the ring wondering what just happened.