Raw Recap: February 25 2013

Mr. McMahon came to the ring on crutches & called out Paul Heyman. Heyman came down dressed to fight. Heyman said that he has been waiting for this fight. Heyman said that he wasn’t going to take it easy on McMahon. Heyman said that if we are going to fight that he is coming for everything McMahon has got. Heyman cheap shot-ted McMahon with a tackle. Heyman took a crutch & hit McMahon with it & was going to hit him again but McMahon blocked it. McMahon got the crutch & hit Heyman across the back. Brock Lesnar came to the ring. Lesnar was ready to attack McMahon when Triple H’s music hit & out came Triple H. Triple H & Lesnar went after each other & brawled all around the ring. Lesnar got his head busted open when Triple H threw him into the ringpost. In the ring Lesnar tried to hit Triple H with a steel chair but missed & Triple H hit Lesnar with a spinebuster. Triple H picked up the chair & hit Lesnar across the back & lesanar rolled out of the ring & retreated.

Dolph Ziggler vs Ryback: During the match when Ryback was on the outside Big E Langston clotheslined Ryback to give Ziggler an advantage. Later in the ring AJ distracted the referee while Langston tried to interfere but Ryback hit Langston with a clothesline. Ziggler jumped on Ryback’s back but Ryback threw him off. Ryback hit Ziggler with the Shell Shocked for the win.

CM Punk came to the ring & talked about his match for tonight with John Cena. Punk said tonight is about him. He said that it isn’t about Cena, The Rock,Wrestle Mania, The People, or even the WWE Championship. Punk called himself the single most important Superstar. He said that he is a Icon who walks among Superstars. He said that he is immortal & that he is God. Donald Trump was announced as a celebrity honoree inductee into the 2013 Hall of Fame.

The Great Khali vs Mark Henry: Henry got the win.

Promo was showed for Fandango who will be on Smackdown this Friday.

Miz TV: The Miz’s guest where Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez & Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter. Colter said that he was hoping to talk to Glenn  Beck but Beck chickened out. Colter ranted about Illegals crossing our borders & taking jibs from real Americans. He said real Americans have a hard enough time getting a job without them crossing our borders. Miz asked Del Rio how hard it is to become a citizen in Mexico. Colter interrupted & Miz allowed Colter to talk. Colter said that it takes 10 years to become a citizen of Mexico because of corruption. Colter said that a foreigners can’t own property in Mexico. Colter asked Del Rio what is wrong with him & his people. Del Rio told Colter to not disrespect his people. Colter told Del Rio to listen when he talks. Del Rio told Colter to shut up.. Del Rio said America belongs to everyone & he is here for same reason to provide for his family.Del Riuo said tha Colter hides behind the constitution. Del Rio said that he doesn’t like bullies & told Colter & Swagger to do something to make them leave right now. Swagger said that we will see you at Wrestle Mania.Swagger said “We the people” & him & colter left the ring.

During the commercial break Zeb Colter confronted The Miz to distract him & Jack Swagger attacked The Miz from behind.

Antonio Cesaro vs Randy Orton: Orton got the win when Cesaro jumped off the top rope right into a RKO.

Backstage Kane & Daniel Bryan was talking. Bryan said lets get along & let bygones be bygones. Bryan told Kane to stand in the corner during their tag match tonight & that he could beat them blindfolded. Kane told Bryan to stand in the corner & he could beat them with one arm behind his back. Vickie Guerrero & Brad Maddox came up & they wold like to see that match. Bryan said he wouldn’t be able to see.

Sheamus came to the ring dressed in a tux & said that he is a avid movie lover. He watched the Oscar’sast night & what he saw he didn’t like. He has aproblem with the Acadamy because they overlooked a great actor Wade Barrett. Sheamus showed a clip of the movie Dead Mam Down. Then showed another clip pointing out Barrett. Sheamus made fun of Barrett’s acting. Barrett came out & said that Sheamus is jealous of him. Sheamus told Barrett to make sure the paparazzi gets his good side at the movie premier. Sheamus went to hit Barrett with the Brogue Kick but Barrett avoided it & left the ring.

Cody Rhodes vs R-Truth: Damien Sandow did commentary during the match. R-Truth got the win. After the match Sandow jumed into the ring & tried to attack R-Truth but R-Truth got the upper hand & Sandow retreated.

They showed another Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger Youtube video. Colter ranted about people crossing our borders & stealing our jobs. He said real Americans know it is wrong & in Swaggers’ America it is time to right the wrong.

Team Hell No vs Prime Time Players: Kane with one arm tied behind his back & Bryan blindfolded with a bag over his head.Team Hell No got the win.

The Shield came to the ring. They said that thing are going to keep getting worse until their is justice & honor. They said that anybody can form any super team they want & they wont be able to stop them.. They talked about what they have accomplished. They asked if there is anyone else who to try them. Sheamus came out on the stage. Sheamus told them to come up here & fight. Ambrose & Reigns headed up the isle. Orton sneaked in the ring & hit Rollins with a RKO & retreated through the crowd.

Jack Swagger vs The Miz: Swagger got the win.

They showed a Tout video from Triple H & other Tout videos from fans about Triple H & Brock Lesnar.

Backstage John Cena with Josh Mathews. Cena talked about his match with CM Punk. Cena said that he asked for this match to prove that Punk is wrong. Cena said the better man is going to Wrestle Mania. Cena said that he is back & tonight the whole world will know that their time is up & our time is now.

#1 Contender Match for the WWE Championship: CM Punk vs John Cena. They battled back & forth kicking out of each others finishers & fighting out of submission holds. It seemed like no one  could put away the other one. Finally Cena was able to connect with a hurricanrana & hit Punk with a AA to get the win. Cena is going to Wrestle Mania to face The Rock for the WWE Championship. Wow what a match & in my opinion this match has to be a contender for Match of the Year.




Why The Undertaker Returned To WWE At A Live Event

Wrestling inc/PWinsider

By: Raj Giri

While many see the appearance as confirmation that Undertaker will be competing at WrestleMania, that is not necessarily the case. A WWE source told me that he believes that Undertaker was “testing the waters” to see if he could actually work a quality match at WrestleMania. I haven’t heard any word yet on what the consensus was following the match, but the source said that he expects Undertaker to work the event.

PWInsider reported last October that the hip replacement Undertaker had done several years ago was badly damaged during his match with Triple H at last year’s WrestleMania. He was so beat up last fall that he stopped seeing specialists in New York, and WWE flew doctors to his home in Texas. The Wrestling Observer reported that Undertaker had major shoulder and hip surgery over the past year, which made it impossible for him to do any serious training for some time. He reportedly couldn’t work his upper body because of shoulder rehab, and couldn’t do any lower body because of the hip rehab.

The Wrestling Observer also recently reported that Undertaker didn’t want to return and have a mediocre match, and only wanted to come back if he could give a good performance.

This Past Week In Independent Wrestling February 25, 2013

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