No TNA Announcement Spoilers On DTRT Wrestling News

While there are creditable sources reporting on the possible details of Dixie Carter's announcement this Thursday, we will continue to hold to our policy of not leaking spoilers as a courtesy. We will not be sharing any details on the announcement prior to the air date. Thank you for understanding our position on this. DTRT … Continue reading No TNA Announcement Spoilers On DTRT Wrestling News


TNA: Major Announcement This Thursday

TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter took to social media on Wednesday afternoon teasing a "major announcement" in which she promised would effect the company, it's wrestlers and the audience. Dixie Carter is set to break the news during TNA's flagship broadcast "IMPACT" which airs on Thursday nights on Spike TV. Early online reports say the … Continue reading TNA: Major Announcement This Thursday


Finally! The Rock has come back to claim what is his. By over coming the BEST IN THE WORLD (CM PUNK), and ending an amazing 434 day title reign. The best reign in modern day. No wonder why he's called the great one right? Man oh man this sounds weird coming from a huge punk … Continue reading FINALLY!