No TNA Announcement Spoilers On DTRT Wrestling News

While there are creditable sources reporting on the possible details of Dixie Carter’s announcement this Thursday, we will continue to hold to our policy of not leaking spoilers as a courtesy. We will not be sharing any details on the announcement prior to the air date. Thank you for understanding our position on this.

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TNA: Major Announcement This Thursday

TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter took to social media on Wednesday afternoon teasing a “major announcement” in which she promised would effect the company, it’s wrestlers and the audience. Dixie Carter is set to break the news during TNA’s flagship broadcast “IMPACT” which airs on Thursday nights on Spike TV.

Early online reports say the announcement could have to do with the company branching out to do more broadcasts on the road. Whatever the announcement TNA isn’t saying a word leaving fans to wait until Thursday night for find out the news.

CM Punk’s 434 Day Ride

DTRT Wrestling News correspondent Vanessa and I had a little side bet riding on the CM Punk vs The Rock match at Royal Rumble. The bet was this, if Punk won I had to write something nice about Punk – if The Rock won then Vanessa had to write something nice about The Rock.

The Rock took the WWE Title from Punk, so Vanessa lost the bet. Or did she? She made a very valid point, both wrestlers actually won with Punk pinning Rock before The Chairman of the Board, Mr McMahon, restarted the match which allowed Rock to pin Punk.

I hope you followed all of that.

Vanessa suggested and I finally agreed that we both should write something so here I go with my story on Punk.

No matter how I feel personally about Punk, no one can take from him that if you judge a champion by the length of time they hold the belt, no one in the modern era held it longer than CM Punk. While there are many that will debate whether he is the “Best in the World” or not, I’ve always gone with it’s the hardware that matters and Punk had the hardware for 434 days.

As far as The Royal Rumble match with The Rock goes, Punk helped carry the match while The Rock showed definite ring rust. I personally wish The Shield wouldn’t have gotten involved, so that there would have been no controversy to the match’s ending, but that’s the way things go in the world of professional wrestling.

Vanessa, you have every right to be proud of Punk and his historic title run, and as for him being a heel – his is now really the best in the world right now. Coming from me – that’s a compliment!


Ed Boston

Co-Founder; DTRT Wrestling News.

Raw Recap: January 28 2013

Vickie Guerrero was backstage talking about the 3 wheels for Raw Roulette. There is a Superstar wheel, a stipulations wheel & a Vickie Vegas Challenge wheel. Vickie spun a wheel for Randy Orton vs Antonio Cesaro match & it landed on special referee match.

CM Punk with Paul Heyman came storming to the ring. Punk was furious about losing the WWE Championship to The Rock at the Royal Rumble. Punk said that he didn’t lose & called everybody cheaters. He said he didn’t need anybody to help him. Punk said Mr. McMahon screwed him & that he is the real champion. McMahon came out & said that somebody has a video that proves Punk & Heyman was working with The Shield & that Heyman could get fired tonight.

Randy Orton vs Antonio Cesaro: Special referee was The Miz. Orton was able to hit Cesaro with a RKO & get the win after Cesaro got distracted by arguing with The Miz.

Vickie spun the wheel for Ryback & it landed on Make Me Laugh. Vickie told Ryback to go & make her laugh. Ryback headed to the ring.

Make Me Laugh Challenge: Hosted by Matt Striker: Ryback vs Prime Time Players: Prime time Players told a joke that bombed. Then it was Ryback’s turn & he had a joke. “What has 4 eyes, 20 fingers & is about to be unconscious”. Ryback attacked & beat up the Prime Time Players. Striker said that mad him laugh & declared Ryback the winner. Ryback Then delivered a Shell Shocked on Striker.

Vickie spun the wheel for Wade Barrett & it landed on Players Choice. Barrett goes to the ring an said that he wants to Bo Dallas from NXT because he eliminated him in the Royal Rumble match.

Wade Barrett vs Bo Dallas: Dallas got the win.

Cody Rhodes spun the wheel to determine his opponent & it landed on John Cena.

Cody Rhodes vs John Cena: Late in the match Cody went outside the ring & got a mic & said this is a waste of Cody Rhodes & is leaving. Cena went after Rhodes & threw him back into the ring. Cena got the win. After the match Cena talked about winning the Royal Rumble & did so by tossing Ryback over the ropes. Cena said that it is a difficult chose for him to make on which champion he will face at Wrestle Mania. Cena talked about choosing the WWE championship & talked about not  being able to beat CM Punk & talked about losing to The Rock at last years Wrestle Mania. Cena wondered if he would have better odds of winning if he chose to face the World Champion. Cena chose to face the WWE Champion at Wrestle Mania. The Shield came to the ring & attacked Cena. Sheamus came to the ring & was beaten down by The Shield. Ryback came to the ring & went after The Shield & it looked like Ryback was going to get the best of them but The Shield was too much & they took Ryback out & then took out Sheamus after he came back after them, The Shield then delivered a triple powerbomb on Cena. The Shield left Cena, Sheamus & Ryback laying.

Vickie spun the wheel for Brodus Clay & Tensai’s match & it landed on Lingerie Pillow Fight. Tensai said no, he’s a monster & walked off. Vickie said no way that is going to happen & spun the wheel again & it landed on Dance Off. Brodus was happy & said that he would inform Tensai of the change.

Dance OFF hosted by Jerry Lawler: Brodus Clay vs Tensai: Tensai was wearing a robe & he took it off & he had on woman’s lingerie. Brodus never told Tensai about the change. Lawler told Tensai that it is a dance off. Brodus did his dance. Tensai didn’t want to dance. Lawler told him what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Tensai started dancing. Ron Simmons watching backstage on a monitor delivered his catch phrase “Damn!”

Vickie spun the wheel for Alberto Del Rio match against Big Show 7 it landed on Body Slam Challenge. Del Rio said anything is possible in Vegas.

Body Slam Challenge Match: Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show: Big Show attacked Del Rio & knocked him out with a WMD punch & duct taped his arm to the ropes. Big Show beat up Ricardo Rodriguez while a helpless Del Rio had to watch. Big Show hit Del Rio with another WMD punch while he was duct taped to the ropes.

Las Vegas Showgirl Lumberjill Match: Tamina Snuka vs Kaitlyn: Divas around the ring where dressed like Vegas showgirls. All the lumberjills jumped into the ring & brawled.

The new WWE Champion The Rock came to the ring. Rock said that “Finally The Rock is WWE Champion.” Rock said that it was his proudest moment of his career & thanked the fans. Rock said that tonight ushers in The People’s Era. Punk came out & said The Rock is embarrassing himself. Punk said that Rock didn’t win the title & that it was handed to him. Punk said that if Rock was a man & had any respect he would give the championship title back to him & apologize. Rock said that if Punk had any manhood he would come to the ring & take it. Punk said that he does things when he wants to. Punk said that he would grant Rock a rematch in 3 weeks at the Elimination Chamber. Rock accepted the match.

Damien Sandow spun the wheel for his match against Sheamus & it landed on Tables Match.

Tables Match: Damien Sandow vs Sheamus: Sheamus got the win by putting Sandow through a table with the White Noise.

Lawler was in the ring with Zack Ryder, The Great Khali, Natalya & Hornswoggle for WWE Karaoke. Khali had to sing HBK’s theme song. Khali butchered the song. 3MB interrupted & came to the ring. 3MB said that they’re the rock stars of the WWE. Khali, Ryder & Hornswoggle beat up 3MB.

Chris Jericho came to the ring. Jericho said “welcome to Raw is Jericho”. He said that it was great to be back & that last night at the Royal Rumble was one of his greatest night of his career. Dolph Ziggler came to the ring with AJ & Big E Langston. Ziggle mention that he eliminated Jericho from the Royal Rumble match. Ziggler asked what he was doing here because he doesn’t work here. AJ said that when she was GM she made the match that got Jericho terminated. Langston told Jericho to leave. Ziggler told to get out because he doesn’t work here. Vickie appeared on the big screen & said that she signed Jericho to a contract. Vickie said that they would have a match & spun the wheel & it landed on Strange Bed Fellows. Vickie said they would face Team Hell No.

Strange Bed Fellows Match: Dolph Ziggler & Chris Jericho: During the match Kane & Daniel Bryan was arguing & Jericho hit Kane from behind & left the ring & when Kane turned around a seen Ziggler he thought it was Zigggler who hit him. Kane Chokeslammed Ziggler for the win.

Trish Stratus was announced as an inductee into the 2013 Hall Of Fame.

Mr. McMahon was in the ring. He said that he loves to have fun & that the best place to have fun is Vegas. He told Heyman to come to the ring & don’t bother looking for CM Punk because he had Punk escorted from the arena. Heyman came to the ring & shook hands with McMahon & then McMahon cleaned his hands with some hand sanitizer. McMahon asked Heyman if he had ever had Brad Maddox or The Shield under contract. Heyman said that he hasn’t had anything to do with Maddox or The Shield. McMahon asked if he has ever lied. Heyman said that he has lied every day of his life because he is a promoter & that’s what it takes to survive. Heyman said he swears he isn’t lying now & is trying to be honorable & wants to be here & will be a honorable man if that is what it take to stay. McMahon then showed some video footage of Heyman talking with Brad Maddox. In the video Heyman talked about Maddox & The Shield working for him & Punk. The shield showed up & surrounded Maddox & Heyman told Maddox to take the beating like a man. The Shield beat down Maddox. Heyman told McMahon that wasn’t him in the video & that it was an impersonator & that he was being set up. McMahon was about to tell Heyman that he is fired when Brock Lesnar’s music hits & Lesnar came to the ring. Lesnar got nose to nose with McMahon. McMahon told Lesnar that he wouldn’t do something that he would regret later. Heyman is heard yelling for McMahon to get of the ring. Lesnar laid out McMahon with a F5. Heyman said oh my God what did you do.





Finally! The Rock has come back to claim what is his. By over coming the BEST IN THE WORLD (CM PUNK), and ending an amazing 434 day title reign. The best reign in modern day. No wonder why he’s called the great one right? Man oh man this sounds weird coming from a huge punk fan but a bet is a bet. I hope this is putting a smile on your face Ed. Lets not sell the BITW short though. It takes two people to make a match like that happen and let’s be honest hear last nights match at Royal Rumble was miles better then that “once and a lifetime” match at mania last year. You know why ladies and gents? That’s because CM punk was involved in the equation last night.. Ok enough about punk. My bet was to write an article on the Bramma Bull (sigh) After what some would say was a stail mate and being put through a table Allegedly by the shield; The Rock still managed to gain momentum spine buster the then champ leaving him hopeless in the middle of the ring setting him up for the iconic “people’s elbow” and getting the 1, 2, 3 on punk and celebrate in Phoenix AZ in front of the fans and his mom. However lets not forget that was AFTER punk pinned him but vinny Mac restarted the match after Rock’s request. None the less a win is a win. And the well self proclaimed “people’s champion is now your NEW WWE CHAMPION and once again on top of the mountain after 10 long years. Now the question remains…. What is next for CM Punk, what is next for the rock and more importantly what is next for the WWE TITLE???

Live Updates: The Royal Rumble


WWE United States Title Match:  The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro retains with The Neutralizer over The Miz.


Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL on commentary.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart gives pep talk to Alberto Del Rio and gives Richardo Rodriquez “Hitman” Sunglasses.


PPV Opening Match:

Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Title Match Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio retains the belt after Ricardo Rodriquez duct tapes The Big Show’s feet to the bottom rope.


Backstage interview with Dolph Ziggler who predicts he wins The Rumble, will then have his opportunity to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and win the World Heavyweight Title and then win the WWE title at Wrestlemania and then unify the belts.


WWE Tag Team Title Match Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan

Bryan makes Sandow tap out and Team Hell No retains.


Royal Rumble Match

#1 Dolph Ziggler

#2 Y2J

#3 Cody Rhodes

#4 Kofi Kingston

#5 Santino Marella

First eliminated Santino Marella

#6 Drew McIntyre

#7 Titus O’Neil

Drew McIntyre eliminated

#8 Golddust

#9 David Otunga

#10 Heath Slater

#11 Sheamus

Titus O’Neil eliminated

David Otunga eliminated

#12 Tensai

#13 Brodus Clay

Golddust eliminated by his brother Cody Rhodes

#14 Rey Mysterio

#15 Darren Young

#16 Bo Dallas

Darren Young eliminated

Kofi Kingston eliminated

#17 The Godfather

The Godfather eliminated

#18 Wade Barrett

#19 John Cena

Heath Slater eliminated

Cody Rhodes eliminated

Rey Mysterio eliminated

#20 Damian Sandow

#21 Daniel Bryan

#22 Antonio Cesaro

#23 The Great Khali

#24 Kane

#25 Zach Ryder

Kane eliminated by his partner Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan eliminated

#26 Randy Orton

#27 Jinder Mahal

#28 The Miz

#29 Sin Cara

Wade Barrett eliminated by Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas eliminated and attacked outside the ring by Wade Barret.

#30 Ryback

Damian Sandow eliminated

Sin Cara eliminated

The Miz eliminated

Y2J eliminated by Ziggler

Randy Orton eliminated by Ryback

Ziggler eliminated by Sheamus

Sheamus eliminated by Ryback when he missed a Brogue Kick

Ryback eliminated by Cena

John Cena is the winner of the 2013 Royal Rumble and will headline Wrestlemania 29


Rock interview in back. Talks about his mother who had cancer and didn’t quit. Tells fans that they count.


WWE Title Match The Rock vs. CM Punk

Punk out first

Huge pop for The Rock

The Shield attacks The Rock an triple power bombs him through the announce table.

CM Punk rolls Rock into ring and gets the pin.

Out comes Vince to strip CM Punk of the title but Rock says not that way – restart the match. Vince does.

Rock gets the win with The People’s Elbow.

The Rock is WWE Champion!