DTRT Wrestling News Staff Make Year End Selections

Right after Christmas, each member of the DTRT Wrestling News Staff was asked to make their picks for the following:

  1. Match of the Year
  2. Superstar of the Year
  3. Best Storyline of the Year
  4. Worst Storyline of the Year
  5. Shocker of the Year
  6. Breakout Star of the Year

So without further ado, here are our choices. If you have different ideas, please use the comment section to tell us where you differ.

DTRT Wrestling News Co-Founder Trevor’s Choices with comments:


  1. Match of the Year – Undertaker VS Triple H WrestleMania 28: Without a doubt this earns the title of match of the year. The buildup to the match was intense. You had two icons of the “attitude era” battling it out against the undertakers undefeated streak.
  2. Superstar of the Year – CM Punk he has been able to successfully hold fans attention with one of the longest title raigns while also having a successful heel turn.
  3. Best Storyline of the Year – CM Punk respect, again this angle has performed well this year.
  4. Worst Storyline of the Year – AJ crazy chick, I am proud of the popularity AJ achieved after WrestleMania 28. Until then she was known simply as “Daniel Bryans girlfriend”. However after the kiss of death that cost Bryan his match at mania and to lose his championship and a very good public breakup WWE creative didn’t know when enough was enough. AJ became known as “the crazy chick” kissing all the top male superstars and didn’t see any in-ring action for months.
  5. Shocker of the Year – Rybacks sudden rise in popularity: Going from squash matches to a fan favorite in just a couple of months has to be a record. It felt like he only had 2 or 3 matches and the crowd was already breaking into chants of “Feed me more”. This was one of the best comebacks and all props to Ryan Reeves who up until an injury was going by the name Skip Shepfield and do a horrible gimmick which he himself admitted he hated. Ryback was the original gimmick he had perfected during his developmental period at FCW / now NXT and it should have stayed that way in the first place.
  6. Breakout Star of the Year – Say what you like about how WWE creative has done with her character of AJ Lee, there is no doubt in my mind that if you are going to count for the entire year it has to be April Mendez. Not since Trish or Lita have we seen a diva be so popular with the audience and ultimately carry the ratings for Raw for several weeks during the summer. It is proof to me that Diva’s should be considered superstars and billed as such in matches. April Mendez has the talent and in-ring ability if she should ever be allowed to properly use it? Hopefully against her friend and another talented diva Kaitlyn.


DTRT Wrestling News WWE Reporter and Diva Opinion Writer Vanessa’s choices:


  1. Match of the Year: Undertaker vs Triple H Hell in the cell at wrestle mania 28
  2. Superstar of the Year: CM PUNK
  3. Best Storyline of the Year: The who attacked Kaitlyn storyline
  4. Worst Storyline of the Year: the AJ/cena scandal
  5. Shocker of the Year: Ziggler winning money in the bank
  6. Breakout Star of the Year: Kaitlyn


DTRT Wrestling News Raw and Impact Recap Reporter John’s choices:


  1. Match of the Year: ** John chose not to pick a Match of the Year
  2. Superstar of the Year: CMPunk
  3. Best Storyline of the Year: Aces & Eights in TNA
  4. Worst Storyline of the Year: Cena & AJ affair
  5. Shocker of the Year: Brad Maddox screwing Ryback
  6. Breakout Star of the Year: Ryback


DTRT News Group Founder and DTRT Wrestling Co-Founder Ed Boston’s choices:


  1. Match of the Year: HHH vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania
  2. Superstar of the Year: CMPunk in WWE and Jeff Hardy in TNA
  3. Best Storyline of the Year: Team Hell No – This gets an *** with it though as the best story (not storyline) of the Year was Jerry “The King” Lawler recovering from the near fatal heart attack he had live on RAW.
  4. Worst Storyline of the Year: The Kissing Bandit – AJ Lee
  5. Shocker of the Year: How WWE Creative took the wildly popular Crazy Chick persona of AJ Lee and screwed it up with GM AJ Lee, with her getting practically no air time after the intial success of the GM storyline. The original Crazy Chick was fun and unpredictable and that morphed into Crazy Chick meaning insanely crazy.  Add in that she is one of the most talented in ring Diva performers and we saw hardly any matches with her and I’m totally shocked at how she was used.
  6. Breakout Star of the Year: Ryback

TNA Recap: December 27 2012

It was Open Fight Night this week on Impact Wrestling.

Bully Ray came to the ring. Bully said that he has no doubt him & Hogan can’t get along. He said that he has a lot of respect for Hogan. Bully called out Hogan to talk not to fight. Hogan’s music played but Hogan didn’t come out. Brooke Hogan came out instead. Bully asked where her dad was. She said her dad wasn’t here & that he knows about her & Bully. Brooke told Bully that they have to go see him & that she wants to show her dad the man she knows that Bully is. Bully said there is nothing to know.

Austin Aries came out to the ring. Aries talked about what happened last week & said that everybody knows that he should be TNA World Champion but Bobby Roode screwed him. Aries said that he can’t be mad at Roode because he screwed him also. He said they’re even now. Aries called out Roode for a match in the main event.

Samoa Joe came to the ring & said he came to pick a fight. He said that Aces & Eights got to hit people people with a hammer & he wants to show them how hard he can hit. Samoa Joe called out a masked member of Aces & Eights. He said that he will choke him out & take off his mask. A big masked member came to the ring.

Samoa Joe vs Masked member of Aces & Eights: Samoa Joe got the win by submission with a rear naked choke. Joe was going to unmask him but Aces & Eights member came to the ring & Joe left the ring.

Robbie E. & Robbie T. was backstage talking & Jesse walked up. Robbie E. & Jesse called each other stupid. Robbie E. said he was going to challenge Jesse to a bro off.

Kenny King was backstage talking to Christian York. King said RVD will call him out & told York to watch their match & take notes.

Robbie E. came to the ring with Robbie T. & called Jesse a wanna be Robbie E. & a fake Robbie E. Robbie E. called out Jesse for a bro off. Jesse came to the ring with Tara.
Robbie E. vs Jesse in a Bro Off: Robbie E. danced & said to Jesse “top that bro”. Jesse did some body builder poses & pressed Tara over his head & said to Robbie E. “that’s how you bro off dude. Robbie E. said that he won because Jesse was automatically disqualified because he ended by saying dude instead of bro. Robbie T. said one more bro to go & he did some poses, danced, did some one arm push ups & pressed Robbie E. over his head & then said ‘bro” & walked off. It appeared that Robbie T. won the bro off.

RVD came to the ring & called out Christian York. Kenny King seamed surprised.

RVD vs Christian York: RVD got the win.

Aces & Eights in their clubhouse. Devon said that the guy he reached out to for help is difficult to deal with & a little arrogant but if they make him part of the club he thinks that they got him. Devon said that all they got to do is make him feel like he is part of them & that’s what they’re looking for anyway. Devon called for D.O.C. & he came into the room with 2 girls on his arm. Devon asked if this is going to work. D.O.C. said it is going to work just fine.

Video was showed of Joseph Park talking about his training at OVW. Park talked about how well he is doing. Trainer Danny Davis said Park can be good if he applies himself & thinks nothing but wrestling 24 hours a day. Davis said that Park hasn’t yet showed him that he can.

Bobby Roode was backstage talking about Aries calling him out.

A video of Sting’s 1-3-13 promo was showed.

Daniels came to the ring. He said that he has the rear that makes girls cheer. Daniels said that he feels responsible for AJ Styles not being around for awhile. Daniels called out AJ. Kazarian came to the ring pretending to be AJ. The fans chanted “we want AJ.” Chavo & Hernandez came out & challenged Daniels & Kazarian.

Chavo & Hernandez vs Daniels & Kazarian: Chavo & Hernandez got the win.

Jeff Hardy backstage talked about Roode & Aries. Hardy said revenge is on it’s way.

Aces & Eights in their clubhouse was talking to Mr. Anderson. Anderson had the 2 girls on his arms. Anderson asked for some time to think about it.

Gail Kim came to the ring & called out Miss Tessmacher.

Gail Kim vs Miss  Tessmacher: Gail got the win.

Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries: Roode & Aries both got caught trying to use a chair & cheat trying to get a pin fall. The referee got feed up with them & Roode & Aries both hit the referee. Roode & Aries fought over a chair. Jeff Hardy’s music played & Roode & Aries turned their attention toward the ramp & Hardy attacked them from behind. Hardy knocked Aries over the rope & out of the ring with a clothesline. Hardy laid out Roode with a Twist of Fate.

Your Thoughts On 2012 – “The Year in Review”

We are doing a special 2012 “The Year in Review” show and post for DTRT Wrestling News, and we want to include what you, the fans believe was the best segment, storyline or match of 2012. You can email your choices to dtrtwrestlingnews@gmail.com and we will include it in the show and in a post here on the DTRT Wrestling News website.  The show will be Friday afternoon at 3:30 eastern time at this link: DTRT Wrestling News Radio on  Blog Talk Radio.

We are looking forward to your help and enjoying this special end of year presentation.


Divas Galore

Hello to the wrestling world of DTRT.
I hope ya’ll had a very merry Christmas. Now I’m here to bring you the holiday diva review of Raw that was held on Christmas Eve. The divas match for this week was a Santa’s little helper tag match. Witch featured Team Eve: Eve, Aksana Tamina Snuka and Rosa Mendez vs Team Layla: Layla, Kaitlyn, Natalya and Alicia fox. Now hear me out here I loved the match don’t get me wrong but I was quite confused that they made Layla team captain as opposed to Kaitlyn. Don’t you think it would’ve made more since to make Kaitlyn captain since she has been feuding with Eve? Anyway none the less the match was freaking fantastic. I love how every diva in the match got a chance to show her skill. Not to mention since Alicia is another favorite of mine I was thrilled to see her back in the ring. Who am I kidding I was thrilled to see EVERYONE in that squared circle, and how bout those outfits huh? All of them where adorable weren’t they? I have to say Kaitlyn’s Reindeer hat was adorable. Ok sorry for going off on a tangent back to wrestling. My favorite spot of the match was when things got heated and each diva had a chance to do their signature/finisher move. Divas were scattered everyone. Keep in mind Kaitlyn and Eve where the two legal women. In all the Chaos going on in and outside of the ring; Kaitlyn gets the best of the Divas Champion Eve and gets her up on her shoulders and drops her down with her finisher. (Kaitlyn needs to come up with a name for that). Of corse after the finisher Kaitlyn goes for the pin and indeed gets the 3 count. Yep that’s right the “Hybrid Diva” got a win over the DIVAS CHAMPION again!!! That was an awesome Christmas present for me I might add. Now more then ever I know that Kaitlyn is indeed going to be the next divas champion and now only time will tell. Could it happen on the January 14th edition of Raw in her hometown of Huston Texas or could it possibly happen at The Royal Rumble on January 27th?? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Will you join me on this ride? Because I know when it happens it’s going to be a glorious day for me. Heck I may even cry. Well that’s all folks. As always I hope you have a fantastic week. Join me next Monday on twitter @DTRTwrestling as I give my coverage and opinions during raw. Also feel free to follow me on my personal twitter @greatlove91. Make sure you tell me you’re fallowing and I’ll follow back. Alright guys take care this has been Nessa signing off

The Rock Confirmed For January 7th Raw

Dwayne_The_Rock_Johnson-819x1024DTRT Wrestling News can now confirm that Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson will be appearing on the Monday January 7, 2013 episode of WWE Raw and the WWE Smackdown taping on Tuesday January 8th. This explains why Ryback made his match with CM Punk for January 7th. We are predicting that THE ROCK will interfere. This to build up for the already confirmed Royal Rumble match