Really Ed? You Want To Go There?

A response to Ed Boston by @TrevorDecker

It’s late at night but I wanted to check the progress on our site’s new layout. I was not expecting this post from someone who is trying to establish a legit wrestling news website. Where do you get off demanding respect for Vickie Gaurrero just because you both are probably close in age?

What is it with the older generations hating on AJ Lee? AJ and I come from the same generation and truth be told we started watching wrestling around the same time. We both grew up watching the “Attitude Era” that the older crowd complains needs to come back and get rid of the “PG era”.

AJ represents my generation, a generation that was taught through watching WWE to defend yourself and never take crap from anyone. AJ has worked hard to get where she is today. She payed her dues climbed the ladder and more then earned the position of Raw general manager.

Vickie put herself in that situation this past Monday night by going out to the ring and showing AJ disrespect first. As the leader of Raw how do you think AJ Lee felt having Vickie go on international television talking trash about her? Are you honestly going to try to tell me that Vickie deserves respect after the way she has publicly humiliated AJ Lee?

Respect is earned not given Ed, and AJ Lee was justified in her actions based on Vickie’s continued assault on AJ Lee’s ability to lead.

Going out and publicly trashing your boss is uncalled for. AJ Lee is not now or has she ever been “unstable”. AJ is a person who has had to deal with a verbally abusive boyfriend in Daniel Bryan who then had the guts to ask her to merry him after humiliating her by breaking up with her on television. AJ is now finally finding her strength and courage again. AJ is a talented, smart women who as Raw GM has earned respect but still fights every single day to receive it.

I ask you to watch this video of Daniel publicly breaking up with AJ after Wrestlemania. Are you seriously going to defend Vickie who was already Smackdown GM once after watching this shocking video?

AJ vs Vickie – Maybe This Should Be About RESPECT

My partner here at DTRT Wrestling News, Trevor, was curious about what I thought of  his post dealing with what happened on Raw this past Monday between GM AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero. So instead of commenting on the post, I thought I should lay out for everyone exactly what I think.

I’m not sure Trevor is going to be happy with me!

What you may or may not know about Trevor, and for our friends and affiliates who run AJ fan sites – please forgive me, but Trevor has got to be the biggest AJ fan in the entire world! Ask him what his ringtone is – never mind I’ll tell you, it’s AJ’s entrance music. Look at the number of posts with Trevor’s name and see what  percentage of them that has AJ as the subject matter. I love how much Trevor enjoys the “Crazy Chick”!

That said, where does the GM of RAW, who hasn’t even gotten her feet wet yet, get off attacking a well established professional like Vickie Guerrero? Check out this post and you’ll see what I think about Vickie.

EXXXCCCUUUSSE ME, but is there no respect from any of the younger generation for those who paved the way for them. First it’s CM Punk and his cowardly attack on Jerry “The King” Lawler, and now Miss Skippy pummels a member of the legendary Guerrero family.

I’ve been a fan of AJ and thought she was doing a pretty good job as the Raw GM. However, I have been disappointed that she didn’t address the Punk / Lawler issue and now this. Kinda strange there’s a lot of old vs young scenarios here and since I’m the “old” one of this site, I’ll be interested to see how my young sidekick Trevor takes up for the “sweet and innocent” AJ after this – who knows maybe he’ll send her a new teddy bear that needs tucked in.

Ed Boston

Co-Founder DTRT Wrestling News

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AJ Lee Physically Assults Vickie Guerrero On Raw

The self-professed “Queen Diva” didn’t receive any royal treatment from Raw General Manager AJ Lee. The two have never seen eye to eye after all. Vickie views AJ Lee as a mentally deranged “child”. Vickie who is a former manager of Smackdown sees Mr. McMahon’s choice of the younger and popular AJ Lee as a slap in the face of the general manager position.

Last week Vickie told Michael Cole while joining him on commentary that she has the maturity and experience while AJ Lee needs to go home tuck in her teddy bears and kiss her mom goodnight.

During this week’s Raw which was held in Milwaukee Wisconsin Vickie Guerrero kept her promise made to Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown and very impatiently waited for the Diva’s match between Layla and Natalya to conclude.

After continuing to voice her outspoken opinions of the Raw GM, AJ Lee made her way down to the ring (skipping of course) for what many thought was to confront Vickie. However after grabbing the microphone AJ Lee said nothing and instead gave Vickie a look which is often seen right before we see AJ go into “Crazy Chick” mode. Which is exactly what happened.

AJ proceeded to slap and physically attack Vickie Guerrero. Actions that will most likley not set well with the WWE board of directors. Is it possible that Vickie might get her wish and become the general manager of Raw?

See video below

Ed’s Perspective: Punk Is A Coward Part 2

If you missed it, last week after CM Punk kicked Jerry “The King” Lawler in the head, I wrote Ed’s Perspective: Punk Is A Coward . Well after watching the way RAW ended last night I have to write Part 2.

I make no bones about it. I’m a huge Lawler fan! I don’t apologize, I’m a wrestling fan first and foremost.

I am also sure that Lawler agreed to what went on during the main event and after the cage match between Lawler and Punk. But here are a few questions for all those who think what Punk is doing to Lawler is cool.

  • Why doesn’t Punk tell creative that he wants to do something sinister to, let’s say Kane? Or Broadus Clay? Or prove he’s really a man and take out Ryback?
  • Given that Lawler is probably more than willing to help put over Punk in his new “heel” role, why doesn’t creative say no thank you?

My partner here at DTRT Wrestling News, Trevor,  sent me this text after the show last night.

That ending to Raw was tough to watch – didn’t enjoy it – it looked like a young punk beating an old man. He  followed that text up with,  “If I was head of creative, I would have said thank you Mr. Lawler but going to decline” if Lawler really did agree to help put Punk over.


And that’s exactly what it was!  Lawler, 62,  was born on November 29, 1949. Punk is 33 born on October 26, 1978 . Lawler is nearly twice as old as Punk. How does it make WWE look to have their champion be nothing better than a street thug who takes advantage of old people.

I know those who want to move from the PG rating love this, but Trevor and I agree – this is not good and not enjoyable.

  • What does beating down a 62 year old retired wrestler do to get respect? Ok, I know this is scripted – I know they all realize what’s going to happen before they do it. I know that the more Punk demands respect and beats up an old guy that it’s all meant to make us hate CM Punk. I get it already! Lawler is at his best at this point in his career doing commentary. Let him do what he does best – and believe me, he can put Punk over as a heel just as good from the announce table as he can laying flat in the ring.

Now, had Raw ended with the end of the match – there would have been no need for Part 2 of this post. I enjoyed seeing Lawler pull down the strap. And for all the Punk pushers – I wonder how they feel about him getting bloodied by a man that will soon  qualify for Social Security?

So here’s the bottom line, so that I don’t have to write Part 3. It’s Punk vs Cena at Night of Champions. Let Punk do what he’s been doing to Lawler to Cena. Let him attack him backstage. Let GM AJ Lee either suspend or threaten to suspend him and watch him go postal on her (she might kick his ass though). But drop the Punk vs Lawler physical confrontations, unless of course you really want to go old school and let Lawler throw a fireball in Punk’s face – now that would even up the age difference a little.